Author Coaching

Author coaching and Consulting

Let's add AUTHOR to your resume! Grace + Co Kids is now offering 1:1 consulting and coaching services to get your "ideas" to the end result.

Meet your coach.

Author Coaching packages

New Author Support

Inspiring author want to pick my brain? Not even sure where to start? This package is for you!

This package includes:

  • ONE 1 hour recorded coaching call for your questions
  • Quick start guide to help you get started

Let me help get you unstuck.

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1:1 Consulting

Need more 1:1 continued support for your author journey? There's a coaching package for that!

This package is a four week virtual info-session & includes:

  • Step by Step guide to publish your book from START to FINISH
  • how to find illustrators
  • timeline template to keep you on track
  • FOUR 30 minute recorded consultations
  • KDP\INGRAM keyword and book bio support
  • Learn how to get position yourself to have your book in Walmart, Target, Books-A-Million, etc.
  • My tips on becoming a best-selling author and selling over 5000 copies within a year and a half
  • AND much more!

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Marketing Support

After you hit publish, the work has only just begun. But don't worry, I got you! Marketing doesn't have to be overwhelming if you have a great plan! And the time to plan is BEFORE you hit publish!

This package includes:

  • 30-minute coaching recorded coaching consultation
  • learn how to market your book organically
  • find your target audience
  • email pitch template for influencers, news stations, bookstores and libraries
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