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Inspiring parents to #ChangeTheNarrative by empowering, affirming & celebrating their families.

Tiffany is a wife and mom of 3. She has a passion for uplifting and encouraging others. One of Tiffany’s goals is to create children’s books so that black girls and boys can see themselves reflected in the pages. She wants to be a part of changing the narratives around stereotypes in the black community one page at a time. She hopes her books inspire and affirms to all little kids, that they can do amazing things and are perfect just as they are.

Amazon Reader Reviews

I ordered it and it's brought so much joy to myself, partner and son!! He absolutely adores his father and I love that you took something that was once considered to be stereotypical and negative and brought such a positive light to it.

Stacey M.

My husband is a great father but after we had our son, he commented on how so many children's books are focused on the relationship with mother and child. When I saw the author post about her new book and read the description, I immediately bought it. The father and son depicted in the book resembles my husband and son a little bit and the words are a powerful reminder that it's a good thing to be like Daddy. I would recommend to any child that has a positive father or father figure in his or her life. Our toddler enjoyed the book and I love the affirmations.

Stephanie W.

Our boys loved this book! I really enjoyed reading this book to them, and now get the joy of hearing them repeating the affirmations after me! I highly recommend!!

Byron B.

This book is awesome! I never really thought about the fact that the phrase "Just Like Your Daddy" doesn't have to be negative until now. I remember having it spoken over me when I was young and it was not used in a positive manner. I am thankful this author has decided to change the narrative! I enjoyed having my 6yr old read this book to me. He had me read the words "Just like your Daddy."

Juan M.

This book is exactly what we needed. It is filled with positive affirmations and present a beautiful message to our little boys about how it is wonderful to be just like your daddy. I’m so glad we are celebrating a concept that once was meant as something negative. My little cousins were so excited to read it with their dad and said they were happy to be just like him.

Amazon reader

This is such a great book for so many reasons! I absolutely loved the positivity presented in this book. It's so nice to have a book celebrating the relationships between young black boys and their fathers. It's also nice to recognize that there are so many wonderful black men in the world who serve as amazing examples to their children.

Cherith F.