Mom of 3 Changes the Narrative of Black Fathers in New Children’s Book, “Just Like Your Daddy”

Bestselling author and mother of three, Tiffany Parker from Birmingham, Alabama, has released an innovative children’s book, Just Like Your Daddy, to shift the narrative of Black fathers.

Just Like Your Daddy is an expressive story filled with daily affirmations that are meant to uplift children of all ages. The book was designed to empower parents and celebrate the relationship of a Black father and son. Oftentimes, especially in the Black community, hearing the phrase “You’re just like your daddy,” is derogatory. “I wanted to take something that is typically negative and make it positive,” says Parker. Just Like Your Daddy encourages parents to celebrate that great Black dads do exist.

Parker came up with the idea for the book while searching for bedtime stories for her son. Since she couldn’t find many stories with characters that resembled her son, she decided to create one.

“Things are spoken over us as children, good or bad, and can follow us all the way into adulthood. I believe we have the power as parents to break any cycles we want with our own kids,” says Parker.

Just Like Your Daddy features kids of color with a wonderfully active dad in a positive light. It emphasizes that Black dads are dope and love to embrace fatherhood. Celebrating the Black father-son relationship is something Parker is passionate about.

“The world will already tell us that Black fathers are not around. Being a product of a great dad myself, I can say, that’s just not true. This is why representation matters. There are amazing dads out there that will never get enough recognition. I hope my book helps to change that, one page at a time,” says Parker.

Just Like Your Daddy can be purchased on on her website HERE as well as AMAZON.  Get in touch with Tiffany via email at

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